Trailer Between War and Waiting / English, Dutch subtitles 

A film by Babette Bürgi & Kristijan Gucanin

With Rajai and Fares Al-Husseini

Two brothers flee from Syria to Europe. They have to leave their family behind in Homs, a city under siege that suffers from attacks every day. Rajai is living in a refugee camp in The Netherlands since eight months and Fares reached Germany one month ago. They tell about their life-threatening journey, about seeing their historic and diverse culture being destroyed and about their situation in Western Europe. Despite of being foreigners and part of the so called refugee crisis they are optimistic about their future and are willing to start their lives again from square one.

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“De film laat ons op ontroerende en indrukwekkende wijze het leven van twee broers, die gevlucht zijn, zien. De film is echt de moeite waard om te verspreiden. Zo kunnen mensen het aangrijpende verhaal delen en met elkaar het gesprek voeren over vluchtelingen.”
Koos Janssen, burgemeester van Zeist over BETWEEN WAR AND WAITING

„This documentary film series let people on the flee speak for themselves and it shows in three chapters the situation close by, instead of far away.“
Quote of a Syrian expert after the first screening in De Bovenkamer.


If you want to organise a screening of BETWEEN WAR AND WAITING followed by a discussion with a Syrian colleague or if you want more information, don’t hesitate to contact me.